Buzzing to get started

My journey to my first summer season working for TUI as a Childcare Rep started in Milton Keynes, for our one week of training.

I have to say I was so buzzing to get started; I just wanted to find out where I was going for my summer season. The whole week was fab; I learned so many new things and made some great new friends! I was like a kid at Christmas just waiting to find out when and where I was going to be placed.

After having the best day of doing crazy activities, it was time to find out my placement. We sat down in a circle with Charlie our trainer, all I felt was butterflies in my tummy, and then she told me! I was going Bulgaria. To be honest I wasn’t over the moon, but I wasn’t bothered either, I was happy. It didn’t even cross my mind I could be placed in Bulgaria; I wasbulgaria expecting to go to Spain. I had been to Bulgaria for a holiday, but quickly forgot the place existed. After a lot of talking with the trainers I found out that I was the only one going to Bulgaria. I can’t say I was too excited, everyone was going with each other to resort and I was on my own.

On the very last day, about five minutes before we left Milton Keynes, I become friends with Holly as I found out she was going to Bulgaria! I literally ran over to her and screamed in her face ‘oh my god you’re going to Bulgaria!!!’ That was the start of a wonderful friendship.

It was the 10th May, the day I was flying out to resort, me and Holly and been talking non-stop since we first met, we were soooooo excited! After crying like a baby saying bye to everyone I found Holly and we headed on through to the check in area. Whilst waiting to depart it still didn’t feel real. I couldn’t believe how long I had waited for this day and it was actually happening, I was going to work as a Childcare Rep! I was going to Bulgaria.

We met up with Charlie, John and Polly. I can honestly say I couldn’t have asked for a better team! With the four hour flight out of the way, we were ready for the resort training week.

Training week was so much fun! It went so quick, it was nice spending time together, learning even more things and exploring Bulgaria. With training done I felt pretty confident and soooo buzzing just to start the season.

Putting our club room together was the most exciting and biggest transformation I’ve ever seen, and for a fact our club room looks the best!

I absolutely love Bulgaria and my team, I did not want Charlie our Manager to leave after training, but when she left that’s when the real work started. I tell you now it is the most fun and rewarding job I have ever had.

Alana & Holly our Childcare Reps in Bulgaria
Alana & Holly our Childcare Reps in Bulgaria

The people are fab, the hotel is beautiful, and the fact I’m living there is a big plus! I can’t complain about the night life either 😉

So I cannot wait to see what the rest of the season holds, but it has been amazing so far, and for my first season I couldn’t ask for anything more.


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  1. Oh, anybody can go to Spain, but how many people get to discover what a fabulous place Bulgaria is?! The archeology, the mountains, the culture, the Black Sea, Plovdiv’s old town, central Sofia, Koprivshtitza, hiking, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, regional cuisines, and so much more. Thanks for sharing both your initial doubts and your happy surprise at the good time you’re having.

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