What an exciting first two weeks it’s been!

KellyMeet our colleague Kelly.

From working abroad as a Holiday Rep, to spending the last nine months working in our offices in Swansea assisting with their recruitment campaign, Kelly has had the opportunity to move around the different areas of our business.

Kelly has now moved on to her next role, working as a Travel Advisor within our retail shops. We caught up with Kelly after her first few weeks to find out how she was getting on.

I was so excited when I received the news that I had gained a secondment placement in my local retail store. What an exciting first two weeks it’s been!

The gang

The team here at Wigan Market Place are great, and it was fab to find out on my first day that Erin & Jo (who have also spent summers overseas) would be starting with me too!

We attended an Immersive day at the Liverpool Superstore, which was really beneficial for us, and taught us how to approach and speak to customers in-store. It was also great for us to understand the customer journey from a retail perspective. We left that day feeling so so proud to work for such a pioneering and positive company!

LearningWeek 2 has been all about learning the systems, getting our snazzy new retail uniforms, and working our way through “addicted to learning” online, to gain a deeper understanding of all of the fantastic brands & products within the TUI GROUP.

We also had a team mingle one evening this week, and learnt a lot about our Learning 2newest differentiated products; Senismar, Family Life and Robinsons to name a few, whilst eating lots of crisps & chocolate. What a great way to learn!

I am finishing my first few weeks on a massive high. As I write this I have just found the perfect holiday for a customer and his family to Halkidiki with one of our specialist brands Sovereign. So that’s my first booking made – yay!”

Thank you Kelly, we are thrilled that your first few weeks have gone so well 🙂



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