Food Hampers for the Salvation Army

Our IT colleague Colin Bird has been very busy again this year. He has been overseeing the raising of funds and collection of items for food hampers to be given to the Salvation Army this Christmas.Colin - Santa hat

Salvation Army TrolleyColin has installed a trolley and collection bucket in our Luton Head Office reception, so people can donate money, food and drink to the cause. He has also held an IT £Poundland sale and auction to raise funds.

Last year TUI delivered 100 food hampers just before Christmas. The Salvation Army were very touched and grateful by the time and effort taken to spare a gift for those less fortunate at this very special time of year.  Th2014 Salvation Army Parcelse majority of these hampers will be given as presents on Christmas Day to guests attending the Salvation Army
Christmas Dinner, with the rest being delivered to local elderly people who are on their own and/or housebound on Christmas Day.

Major Carol Evans of the Salvation Army spoke of the joy on these people’s faces when they receive their gift wrapped hamper”.

Colin told us, “I got involved in the Sally Army hamper making around 4 years ago, when I started my annual IT £PoundLand. The hamper making was at that time run at TUI by Denise and Rachel  (within the Crew Service Centre). I used to take the money raised from my sale, plus other IT donations (normally between £200-£400) and buy food which I would take up to Denise and Rachel.

Last year, Denise and Rachel did not have the time to do the hamper collection due to their heavy workload commitments, so I offered to take it over. ‘Sally Crimbo’ was then born 🙂Food cupboard in the Training area

I did it last year and made 100 hampers up after running my IT £PoundLand and also food donations placed my ASDA trolley. I also had people giving random donations which is quite shocking sometimes regarding how generous people are

Thank you Colin for all the time and effort you put in to make such a difference to the elderly in the local area 🙂


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