Debbie’s first Christmas in Val d’Isere

It’s Sunday 27th December.  I have just had my first ski season style Christmas and I now have three transfer days under my belt.

What is a ski season Christmas?  Imagine your typical Christmas back home; a leisurely start, a nice walk, a veritable feast, and some serious time getting acquainted with the sofa trying to digest the aforementioned feast.  Flip this on its head and you’ve got yourself a ski season style Christmas.

For the hosts, the day started at 6am preparing breakfast for our customers.  I was up at a similar time working and also preparing a Christmas breakfast for my hosts once they had finished service.

After a brief celebratory get together with the team and a quick Face Time with the family, it was on with some more work before hitting a bit of Christmas après at the world famous Folie Douce.  Sprouts need not apply, just those interested in an inordinate amount of cabaret, table dancing and a few cold beers in the sun.

It was then back to work to prepare for evening service, and transfer day…which was rapidly approaching.

Transfer day is where customers start and end their holidays.  Customers leave chalets and it’s a race against time to turn them around in time for the new wave of customers arriving.

With transfer day coming the day after Christmas day for me, this year, this was the main event.

Christmas came and went in a blur, and I have now spent 6 weeks in resort, where the days and week’s continue to run in their own parallel universe.

Being new to the role, my days haven’t been without their challenges; I am meant to be skiing down the mountains not climbing up them.  But with each day that goes by I am learning, and the days haven’t been without some moments of pure hilarity which far outweigh the challenges.

Next stop, New Years’ Eve.

Happy New Year and here’s to a happy and prosperous 2016.


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