James sets off to Austria


Since I last wrote and its been a busy few weeks at that!

Here’s a summary of what I’ve been up to over the last few weeks!

Travelling to Austria.

My journey to resort began on the 13th November heading from Liverpool down to London to stay at Gatwick the night before meeting the coach taking the management team down to Austria. Myself and my co workers in Mayrhofen all travelling down from “up North” decided to stay at the Travelodge in Gatwick and make an evening of it. We ventured into Horley and sampled the sights and smells and many a pre-season drink was had!

The next day I awoke to a bit of a situation in France – to say the least. Horrendous as it was, we still had to get over to Austria to start our jobs. A few phone calls with the Austrian office and management team as I was the “UK” contact and we found out that the situation seem to still be allowing us to travel through the country so we continued with the plan. Things like that really make you realise how well organised we are as a company and the information was plentiful – was nice as I was the one that had to pass it over to all the coach!

All the Managers made it on time to the meet point and we were on our way to Dover. Everyone started the usual chatter and when we got to Dover we were through security in a matter of minutes and then the “5” minute wait for the ferry turned into an hour when the ferry struggled to get into port! We couldn’t wait for the hour crossing. We set up camp in usual seasonaire style in the front section of the boat that just so happened to be the bar area. Watching people walk down the boat and not being able to walk in a straight line was definitely a highlight. Luckily we all made it across without having to use one of the emergency paper bags.

Then France – we were expecting a wall of police and many many checks but we seem to miss all of that – we were in Belgium literally minutes after disembarking the ferry. And then the overnight journey really began. We decided on Harry Potter 1 and 2 being the films of choice ( This started a Harry Potter discussion several times on the training course). Then some broken sleep and 2 stops and we arrived in Kitzbuhel for Managers Training 18 hours after we had set off.

A day of welcome backs and hello’s were had when we were met by the Area Manager team, Operations and our hosts for the week which were all fabulous. Roll out took a few hours with us all being issued with our ipads and various other equipment for the season and the inaugural trying on of the uniform, which, this year all fit! Hurrah!

The next few days at Managers Training consisted of classroom and workshop days and then relaxing and socialising with new and old friends in the chalets we were staying in. Not to mention the few nights we ventured out of the chalet too! Along with some great food and company, Managers Training this year was one of the best I’ve experienced and definitely one to match again next year. We even got a day off in the middle of training which was a bonus and we spent the day having a “film club” in the chalet and then we went to meet the other managers for a traditional Austrian pizza and beer.

Then we got to go to resort for a few days and that is where I write this from. All settled in to my apartment for the season a hop, skip and a jump away from the New Penken lift in resort and the office. And of course Gasse which I think might be a staple for the season – and this is only day 3! I’ll be the size of a house by the time I leave – or maybe not as it would be rude not to use the new lift as often as possible!

We’ve set about setting up our resort office and ski depot, throwing out a lot of seasonal clutter. We’ve been meeting suppliers and generally getting our faces around town. All in all its been a great few weeks and if nothing else, is making me very excited for the pending season.

Roll on winter 1516!




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