Getting down with the kids….

It was a busy day on the 4th February, when various member of our team visited North Herts College to host a TUI GROUP Recruitment Day.

Business, Travel and Childcare students were given the opportunity to participate in the recruitment day to find out more about the wide variety of opportunities available to them within our company.  The team involved brought the session to life, by describing how they had joined the company and the various career paths they had followed so far.

NHC Students 2Students were invited to partake in a number of workshops which included highlighting the importance of having career-based online profiles, understanding the link between holiday destination ideas and activities, and the value of customer service skills and adaptability.

Former Travel student at North Herts College, Sophie Jennings, was on hand to describe how her studies at the college had helped her secure a place on the TUI Commercial School Leavers Scheme.

Sophie told the students, “It’s a really trendy place to work with lots of social opportunities. We even had our three-day residential in Ibiza this year!”

This was a great opportunity to let the studentNHC Toms know more about TUI and promote some key employability skills we value in new recruits.

Thank you North Hertfordshire College, we look forward to working with you more in the future 🙂


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