Meet Kelly: We’re on this journey as one team…

My little girl “when I grow up” dream is within reaching distance! (quite literally)

The elation I felt when I found out I’d be joining a cabin crew induction course for our Birmingham base was indescribable, #excited, #buzzing, #ecstatic!image

Its always been my dream, since the age of 3 from my first family holiday to Costa Brava, I wanted to be one of those nice ladies on the aeroplane that wore pretty lipstick.

After several years of working for the TUI Group within different areas of the business, the one remaining customer facing role to experience is cabin crew….

So training began two weeks ago now, and what a whirlwind it’s been! Time is literally flying by! #enjoyingeveryminute

image (3)The knowledge and skills I have learnt so far are preparing me for the most important part of the cabin crew role-the safety of our passengers. But not only that, I feel they have prepared me for the rest of my life! From fire fighting to first aid, I feel like I can save the planet!

On day one, I went in with the idea that I was going to take the bull by the horns, becoming a hoover; sucking up every piece of information! I’ve been hungry to learn because I’m so passionate about the role.

It’s so great that our trainers are working cabin crew members themselves, they completely understand our thoughts, the questions we ask in class, and the sessions are so fun because they are so passionate and proud of who they work for and what they do!

Oh and my course-mates! They’re all amazing, after just two weimage (2)eks, I can call them friends for life! We’re on this journey as one team, helping each other through, lifting each other up, and all taking the same steps together. Its so lovely to feel such a connection in just a short space of time!

So here’s to the final two weeks of training..a few Ft (feet) closer to spreading smiles in the skies! #eek!

Kelly 😉


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