Meet Dale: So today’s the day – Thomson #CabinCrew2016!


Our new Cabin Crew team member Dale has kindly provided us an update about his recent training 🙂

The start – week one

So today’s the day. Thomson #CabinCrew2016! Nervous, scared, excited, very happy – a complete mixture of feelings is the best way to describe how I felt.

Today I start my new career with Thomson Airways. I was so nervous, but so, so excited at the same time.

Before the course started I had already met and had got to know some of the new guys from assessment days and the others who had posted on the Thomson recruitment Facebook page. We had all headed to Bristol airport to meet our new managers and one another. What a day – new people, new surroundings, new rules and new expectations.

After meeting everyone and getting over our initial nerves, we got stuck in!

Day one was very exciting. We were introduced to our trainers who will be teaching and guiding us, so we can be the best and leave this course after four weeks feeling confident in ourselves and our ability. The trainers know the manuals and guidelines inside and out and as well as leading us through the course they are also joining us on our journey to success.

As part of thDale 3e course we were provided with the vital tools and equipment for success. One of the main tools is our iPad, due to the content stored on it it’s referred to as your bible 🙂

We had the opportunity to watch a video to see what the next four weeks would entail. I glanced around and everyone’s faces were filled with total delight and excitement. I could also see that we didn’t forget the reason we were there and that was for the intense training course to train us to be the best cabin crew possible.
Dale 4
The first week has contained loads of information and lots of studying. We have learnt lots such as; First Aid, details about dangerous goods and various safety features of an aircraft and about the aviation industry in general. We have all passed three exams this week. This training made us all realise how important the role of cabin crew is.

There have also been lots of practical parts of the first week, which were really interesting and also fun. I am very proud to have sat my First Aid exam where I scored 100%.

I can’t wait to see what new skills and experiences the remaining training brings.


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