Helping educate the next generation about sustainable travel

Thomson Better World Detectives is a set of free immersive classroom resources to engage Key Stage 2 primary school children on living and travelling in a more sustainable way.   Screen 2

It basically uses the excitement of travel and holidays to engage children from 7-11 years and supporting this programme is one way that we’re working to meet our ‘Better Holidays, Better World sustainability commitments’.

Set in Costa Rica, the story unfolds over six lessons and is brought to life through free multimedia resources including video, Skype calls and WhatsApp messages alongside traditional worksheets.

Designed to complement the Key Stage Two curriculum, the story evolves across six classroom-based experiences, as students follow the story of a group of young explorers journeying through the leafy Central American country.  Each lesson addresses a different sustainability topic, to teach pupils the impact of their actions on the environment – and the positive effect tourism can have on the local economy.

Screen 1As they navigate their way from a struggling fisherwoman, a hotel owner trying to keep his guests happy without disrupting the turtles, and a scuba diver who is upset about the coral reef being damaged, the pupils work towards their goal – to solve the mystery of the missing turtle.

Sustainability Manager, Ian Corbett, says:  “Through Thomson Better World Detectives we are aiming to help educate the next generation about sustainable travel, and the potential impact they and their families can have through the choices they make.”

You can read more about TUI’s approach to sustainability here.


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