My team are a bunch of like-minded people who are all passionate about what we do

SiqingHave you heard about the TUI Mobility Hub in London? We spoke with our colleague SiQing, who is a Product Lead based at the Hub, to find out more about her and the team.

What does your job involve?

I head up the product team at Mobility Hub. We work alongside the commercial team and development team to deliver TUI mobile propositions, the main product being the TUI Digital Assistance (TDA), now live in 9 countries and available in 6 languages. My team’s responsibility include feature prioritisation, app user experience architecture and design, user stories and technical specification, user research, and analytics. We ensure that the right product, features and designs are delivered for each market meeting the business requirements, while also staying close to customers through frequent user testing, user research and making sure that the mobile apps we offer are useful and engaging for them.

Why did you choose to work for TUI?

I particularly like the fact that TUI’s customer journey is one of ‘high involvement’, meaning that, the customers have a deep relationship with the company, before, during and after their holiday. This makes building mobile apps for them particularly fun, and very challenging at the same time. I also very much enjoy the TUI culture, and most of all the Mobility Hub team that we have built together since 2012.

What’s the best thing about your team?Beer and Board Games

We are a bunch of like-minded people who are all passionate about what we do, and we are very competent in our respective domains and have great respect to each other. We also have a good mix of personality and collaborate very well.  No matter now much pressure we are under, we always keep the fun element at work – I feel that my colleagues are also my friends, and the Mobility Hub is a community that I am part of. We play games together almost every Friday after work with a few beers and it’s fantastic!

What is your favourite holiday destination?


What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

I do some yoga stretches and a few exercises, or a 3k run when I’m feeling brave. At work, the first thing I do is to go through any outstanding actions from previous day, and have a think about the priorities of today and go through my diary. I always keep a neatly organised to-do list and tick things off one by one throughout the day.

What makes you smile?
Thomson SmartWhen we get a positive feedback or an good idea from customers via the app (they can email us directly and we get a weekly digest of all the feedbacks), and being able to use our own apps for my holidays!

Why should someone apply to work at TUI?

I personally have learned more and grown more with my career at TUI than anywhere else I have worked. TUI is a fantastic environment for career development, we have a great culture to support individual growth and achievements. There are a lot of inspiring young leaders in the organisation that have been given big responsibilities because they have demonstrated their talent and competence.  Also the amazing perks and staff benefits both for travelling and a whole load of other stuff 🙂


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