Catch up with Kelly: Wings to Fly! Dream Come True!

Wow, the final two weeks of training have been amazing, it’s been great to go to the  East Midlands training centre, and get hands-on training, all of the theory came together & the pennies dropped!image

Last week we completed our service training, we had the best trainers, full of knowledge,
and so supportive!

All of us in my group were on countdown for the final day, (Wings Day)…it was such an emotional day!

Everyone had worked so hard to get to the final day, & you could literally feel the emotions of everyone in the room, #relief #happy #proud #hardworkpayingoff.

To be presented with my beautiful silver wings was a
memory i will always carry with me, on every flight i take, i will always remember how happy & proud i felt!image (1)

So I’ve just got home from my 1st flight to Lanzarote! #trainingintoaction The crew (my new colleagues now) were so amazing & made me feel relaxed and at ease, & the customers were so so lovely!

I think my learning will continue, and my knowledge will broaden even further over the next 6 months.

I am so excited to be flying the skies during Summer 2016! #spreadingsmilesintheskies!



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