Meet Ciara: Cabin Crew prepare for arrival…

Cabin Crew prepare for arrival…

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to fly.  As a child you see the men and women of various airlines as they pass through the airport, or hear them utter the immortal words ‘any drinks or snacks?’ on board your first flight. There’s a definite sense of glamour, a sense of pride in the way they carry themselves, and for good reason.

I think that flying should and could be a wonderful experience for everyone… It’s all part of a person’s holiday and no company realises this more than Thomson, taking more passengers to more holiday destinations than any other holiday airline.

The reason I chose to apply to work on short haul flights and in what is considered to be a smaller base is simply because I like to be close to home, for me the best part of this job is being on board the plane… not so much the destination at the other end. Training for this job is not what you expect, very little is about actually pushing that cart down the aisle. By the end of that four weeks, you will have learnt how save someone’s life, help someone give birth, put out fires and you even get a chance to go down the slide – something I’m hoping will be a onetime experience! The bond you have with the people you train with is something that will stick with you long after you’ve finished you first flight, your first season or even moved onto something else.Ciara Block

The first day I put on my uniform, adjusted my scarf, and applied my lipstick about a thousand times I couldn’t have possibly known what to expect when I was actually on board – nothing can prepare you for the feeling. It’s something I think that you either love or you hate and even after just a few weeks I know that I love it. Part of the reason that I’m enjoying it so much is down to the other people who work at Stansted, Cabin Crew and Flight Crew alike, everyone is very welcoming and one of the best parts of a ‘smaller’ base is that you get to see these people all the time. You get the chance to get to know each other… whether you’re on a busy Palma flight or a night Rhodes there is always someone there to support you. I’ve felt overwhelmed by the support and kindness I’ve been greeted with in just these first few weeks.

Maybe one day I would like to explore going to a larger base… but for now I just love the feeling of being on board, whether I’m passing on cabin secure, performing a manual demonstration or out on the cart serving people, just being up there is enough. There is also something quite nice about knowing that once I get off back at Stansted I get to go home to my own bed. Maybe I’m just old before my time!

So if you are sitting at home wondering whether or not to finish that application, or if you should bother turning up to an assessment day, my advice is to do it! What have you got to lose? You have the chance of making amazing friends, learning skills you never knew went into the job, and you get to experience something different every day. Even when you’re feet are aching on the 4am drive home, you can still feel that rush of doing something that you love, and doing something that some people only every dream of doing!




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