I have never felt like just another worker, but an actual member of the TUI family

Working for one of the world’s leading leisure travel companies bring many benefits. One great opportunity is the ability for people to move and work in different parts of the business.

We met with Celine to discuss her move from a Rep overseas to working within our retail shops.

Hi Celine, what interested you about working in Retail?

I was always interested in broadening my knowledge within the company and felt that retail would also be an option I would look into. I have been able to get an insight into the booking process and a wider understanding of the process from booking a holiday to arriving in resort.

image1-1How long and where did you work overseas and in what role/s?

I have been overseas currently for the last 2 years. I have worked Tunisia, Ibiza, and Tenerife so far doing both winter and summer placements to experience not only 6 month placements but also 3 month placements including over the festive season. I have worked in a range of hotels from 4/5*, platinum, holiday villages, couples and premier. I have always been a Holiday advisor/Holiday rep and I absolutely love it!

What have you been able to bring to retail having worked overseas?image1

In my retail store I have been able to bring a wider knowledge of life overseas. I have been able to give my opinion on certain hotels and advise customers on what would best suit them. I have been able to excite customers whilst booking their holidays to destinations I know well as I have been able to give them an insight into their hotel, tell them about the excursions, what’s available in the local areas like markets and fiestas etc.

I also have links to a lot of the representatives overseas now as during season they become like family so when I have been booking customers in store which are staying at a hotel that my friends work in I have been able to contact them direct to ask them to help with room types, putting special occasion cards etc in rooms and just being able to ensure the customer gets all the need from their holiday experience by going the extra smile.

What do you love about working for TUI?

image3My family had always holidayed through TUI and therefore when I was looking to work overseas I wanted to go with a large company that I knew were well established and would look after me. I have had so many experiences through working with TUI and have always enjoyed every minute of it. The company has so many gateways from overseas, to recruitment, to cabin crew so there is always something to broaden your journey with the company. I have had to deal with some unexpected situations in resorts, however the company have always stood by me every step of the way and supported me throughout. The company have always treated me as an individual and I have never felt like just another worker but an actual member of the TUI family.

Where is your favourite holiday destination to visit? To sell to a customer?

My favourite destination so far has to be Tenerife. I was there from November 2015 to
celine-in-retailFebruary 2016 and it has been without a doubt my best season so far. I have even been back since on a holiday to visit my repping friends and managers out there. Being away over the festive period and my birthday always seems a struggle however Tenerife was bursting with things to do, festive activities and of course the beautiful winter sunshine.

Since being in the retail store I have been able to persuade customers to go ahead with booking Tenerife and always advised them on hotels that I feel would be suit them depending on what they wanted to get out of their holiday to Tenerife whether it was nightlife, beaches, family orientated hotels etc. I have sold more Tenerife holidays in store than any other destination and I have had a lot of positive feedback from customers in store about my portrayal of the destination of Tenerife and my enthusiasm about the island


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