All it takes is one moment to inspire or be inspired

Our colleague Danii was recently involved in a very important interview with a potential new member of the TUI family. She takes up the story: 

28th December 2016

On a frosty Wednesday morning I returned to work with a belly full of turkey, Quality Street and enough cheese and crackers to last a lifetime.

I entered an eerily bare, silent and cold office, wrapped tightly in my scarf, where I joined my two colleagues and feared I would have an uneventful day ahead.

I was mistaken.

We received an email about how one holiday had inspired a young girl called Lily.

Her family had recently travelled with us on holiday to Lapland and they were enthusiastic to share their incredible experience and to thank everyone involved in creating those unforgettable holiday memories and making their experience so special.

So special, in fact, Lily now has a new passion and dream career – to be a holiday rep with TUI!

This was amazing news to receive, knowing that our teams overseas had inspired this young girl by doing what they love and promoting us as a brand in the best possible way.

Lily’s family had one request and a rather bizarre one at that (their words not mine); they asked if we could create a special style of interview.

Our TUI vision is to create smiles so, of course, we agreed and the plan was in motion. We set up a Skype interview with Lily for Friday the 30th at 10:30am. Dean (Lily’s dad) was prepped with a few questions that I prepared to avoid any pre interview nerves (unfortunately this is not a service provided on assessment days).

30th December 2016

It was a chilly Friday morning and I slipped more than once on my walk into work wearing my new Reebok Classics.

fullsizerender10.15am approached fast. I was prepared and ready to go with the iPad set up, wearing my casual uniform for the first time in 2 months and the cheese and crackers still haunting me! Making sure I was still trying to keep the Christmas spirit alive I was also wearing a Santa hat.

It was time. I started the video call and was greeted by Lily who was smiley, confident and keeping her Lapland Thomson the Dog close for any last minute pep talks.

Lily told me about her amazing time in Lapland, riding on the Huskies, gliding along on the back of a snowmobile in a sledge, tobogganing on Europe’s longest run, watching the TUI reps performing a Pantomime of Cinderella, which was full of twists and, of course, coming face-to-face with the big man himself and receiving a present.

To watch her face light up as she recalled all these special moments was incredible to see and makes you remember how precious holidays are.

Lily answered all my questions, confidently and without hesitation, it was refreshing to see such excitement during an ‘interview’. I now know that Polar Bears are Lily’s favourite animal and she loves P.E at school as she enjoys being outside and competing in a team against her friends for fun and this is an important interest that I hope she continues to pursue.

It was at this point the interview came to a close.

Did Lily get the job you ask…?img_3039

How could we deny such a passionate, sweet and determined 7 year old an amazing opportunity?

We couldn’t. We would be delighted to offer her a job.

But, there is one catch: she will have to wait 11 years until she is 18 to start.

I sincerely hope she pursues her dream of working for TUI across any of our 109 destinations worldwide and one day she might end up where it all started in the beautifully magical Lapland.

All it takes is one moment to inspire or be inspired.

Feeling inspired? View our current summer opportunities here –



  1. As Lily’s Grampy I would like to thank Danii for taking the time to really add even more sparkle to Lily’s Christmas. Thank you.

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