Clothing donation to local charity, Noah Enterprise

TUI Clothes Labels

What do you do when you find yourself with 18 boxes of evening wear – suits, shirts, ties, trousers, skirts, tops, dresses; the full shebang – that’s no longer needed for its original purpose?

Anthony Fiorillo and the team in Concept Management, Design & Delivery knew exactly what to do. After recalling a previous donation of old airline uniform to Luton based charity, Noah Enterprise, who provide clothing (among many other things) to the homeless and people who have fallen into poverty, Ant gave them a call.

Noah jumped at the chance and were keen to take the whole lot – both to pass on to individuals in need and to sell within their network of charity shops.
Joan Martin, Head of Retail and Business Development at Noah, explained: “It is such a treat and a morale booster when we have new things to sell in the shops. The staff are quite excited and we hope to do a special window display with some of the items. It is also a great boost for the shops as it gives added interest to the shop and encourages customers, so we make more sales and more money for Noah. Thanks again for thinking of us!
So, after rounding up a team of willing colleagues from around the Luton office to remove all the TUI tags from the garments, Ant arranged the collection with Noah and they arrived on 30th March 2017 to pick up their bounty.
Ant handing over the boxes to the happy folk from NOAH
Emma Deacon, our Charity & Community Managers said: “There are so many ways colleagues can get involved to help us deliver our Better Holidays, Better World sustainability strategy – making positive impacts by stepping lightly, making a difference and leading the way. Anthony and his colleagues did just that and made a real difference in our local community by taking the initiative to help out”.

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